Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Wire - best TV show ever?

I've finished watching Season 1 (courtesy of Tracey Paul, for which thanks again) of The Wire.

Now, I admit I was a little slow to get into it (about 3 whole episodes, in fact), but it speedily grew on me. It's another police procedural, with a good ensemble cast - in Baltimore this time. No big name stars (well, not that I'd heard of anyway).

I found the language pretty inaccessible (though I could always see how West Wing watchers who aren't political junkies would find the references to continuing resolutions double-Dutch).

Early worries that the characterisation was two-dimensional evaporated over the series. Some of the hard-arsed cops turned out to be people - some of the real bad guys had souls too - but the writing is convincing rather than just trite.

I understand that later series move away from the investigation/the streets - which will be interesting to see. Series two now on order, of course.

Best TV show ever - well no, of course not - it ain't the West Wing.

But right up there with Hill Street Blues, St Elsewhere, LA Law, ER, Twin Peaks (controversial there, eh?) and The Sopranos - yep, certainly is. Great theme tune too - still humming it.


  1. It's been pointed out to me, by a childhood friend with too distressingly good a memory, that I'd previously have listed Cagney and Lacey as amongst the best TV shows ever.

    It's a fair cop - and I stand by the view - classic drama, and no mistake mister

  2. Aaah, Tyne.
    What about The West Wing?
    And a certain quiz show for teenagers?

    Family members have good memories too....

  3. I'm intrigued - who on earth is this? Do I really have a relative who blogs?

  4. it is undoubtedly the best show ever on mafia. i have seen all The Wire Seasons. This show is over now but i still watch my favorite episodes online.

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